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scientific directions in "mathematics"

scientific directions in "informatics"

Professor Ramazanov M.I. – the performer on the subject "Boundary Tasks for Spectral the Loaded Operators and Differential Schemes of Regional Problems of Mathematical Physics". On a subject of this research 5 articles (1 – in the rating magazine of Scopus base, 4 - in the magazines Committee on control in education and sciences), 4 participations in conferences (the foreign and neighboring countries) was published.

Professor Akishev G. is a performer on the subject "Problems of Recovery of Operators in Functional Spaces and Applications". On a subject of this research 3 articles (1 – in the rating magazine of Scopus base, 2 – in the magazines Committee on control in education and sciences), 13 participations in conferences was published (10 – the foreign and neighboring countries, 3 - RK).

Professor Akishev G., the master Gulmanov N.K. – performers on the subject "Spaces with Various Orthogonal Bases and Their Applications in the Harmonious Analysis".

Associate professor Kazhikenova A.Sh. is a performer on the subject: "Development and improvement of technological processes of an okomkovaniye of small furnace charge by replacement of an okatyvaniye by briquetting".

Scientific achievements:

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of Algebra, mat. logic and geometry named after prof. T.Mustafina Yeshkeev Aybat Rafhatovich was awarded with a badge "For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Awards: the award of a name of professor T.G. Mustafin is appropriated to professor of "Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equations" department Akishev G.A.

In 2016-2017 the award of a name of professor T.G. Mustafin is appropriated to associate professor of "Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Informatics" department Kazhikenova Aygul Sharapatovna.

The republican competition "The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution of 2013." - the associate professor, the dean of faculty D.B. Alibiyev.

Kazhikenova Aygul Sharapatovna is an owner of a rank "The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution of 2015".

Professional training of information professionals

Head of the Direction: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of KarSU, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Dinara Kazimova Ashubasarovna

The quality of the training of students in information specialties depends on the degree to which the training process is focused on future professional activity, which is connected with the solution of various tasks of processing, transferring, transforming the flow of information flows and processes. At the heart of the solution of these problems is the development of various algorithms, their analysis, evaluation and selection of the most effective solutions, therefore, to develop and implement software models of various information processes and systems related to the functioning of objects of professional activity to a modern information specialist will allow its algorithmic preparation.

Under the scientific supervision of Professor Kazimova DA. Research works in the field of applied research are conducted. One of which is an international project. On the basis of this project, cooperation is being conducted with the Scientific and Educational Center of Professional Pedagogical Education of the Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University in Yekaterinburg.

Cooperation with research institutions and scientists working in this direction has been organized:

1. Ulyanovsk Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Educators. The research direction is the continuous education of the technology teacher: trends, achievements, problems.

2. Russian Academy of Education Institute of Theory and History of Pedagogy, Laboratory of Didactics. The research direction is the exchange and dissemination of the experience of introducing innovative approaches in the system of continuous multilevel education in Russia and abroad; Identification of prospects in the development of a system of continuous multilevel vocational education.

3. IPKaPGSaPO of the Karaganda region: The direction of research - the creation of resource centers and the problems of the formation of technological culture and creative development of the individual.

As a result of these studies, the monograph "Multilevel Training of IT Professionals in the System of Continuing Professional Education" was published in the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking in Novosibirsk (Russia), "Training of Specialists in Information Security" (Kostanay, Kazakhstan).

Educational Robotics

Presentation of robot kits to students of school в„– 66

In 2016-2017 academic year the Karaganda State University named after Academician Р•.A. Buketov with the purpose of development of scientific and technical creativity in the children's and youth environment has acquired 30 sets of robotics for equipping the school cabinets of robotics, which were transferred to the schools No. 16 and No. 66 in Karaganda.

The staff of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics supervises schools Nos. 16 and 66, conducts consultations in these schools, and conducts a group work. Seminars and master classes are held with the invitation of computer science teachers and specialists in the field of robotics.

Specialty students Information systems collect Lego kits


Master class on robotics (November 26, 2016).