Course of the theory of models from Bruno Poizat

For undergraduates at faculty of mathematics and information technologies with a course of lectures for the theory of models there has arrived the scientist with a world name Bruno Poizat, professor from Lyon (France) University.

Bruno Poizat not the first time in Kazakhstan. He has for the first time visited the KarSU in 1990 by the invitation of professor Mustafin Tolenda Garifovich, who at that time was a vice rector. Then at the initiative of Kazakhstan citizens in Karaganda there has passed the First Soviet-French colloquium according to the theory of models.

Now the traditions put by the scientist Mustafin the pupil, professor Eshkeev A. R. continues him. By his invitation Bruno Poizat has appeared in educational laboratories the KarSU again.

Bruno Poizat during the lecture together with professor Eshkeev A. R.

Bruno Poizat together with (from left)professor Eshkeev A. R., First vice rector of the KarSU Zhumashev R.M., undergraduate and Dean of the faculty Alibiyev D.B.

Bruno Poizat together with Dean of the faculty Alibiyev D.B. and undergraduates