The History of the Faculty

Faculty of Mathematics was founded in 1972 on the basis of physical and mathematical faculty of pedagogical Institute.

The first mathematicians of Karaganda were prepared physical and mathematical faculty of the Teachers' Institute, which was opened in 1944 and became the third faculty of the Institute. Great contribution to organization of mathematics education was introduced candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent S.B.Baymurzin who from 1952 to 1972 was rector of Pedagogical Institute, in 1967-1969 he was head of chair of Higher Algebra, in 1972-1976 he was head of chair of mathematics teaching methods. Taking these positions Seytkali Baymurzinovich paid much attention to young teachers not only in determining the direction of their scientific work, but also supported by directing training in graduate school, providing internships and sabbaticals.

Therefore in 1972, at the organization of the faculty the major part of staff were young teachers, including teachers invited from different universities of the Republic: of 30 teachers only 6 teachers had academic degrees and titles. The first dean of the faculty was appointed T.S.Smatov. Initially, 5 chairs functioned: mathematical analysis, differential and integral equations, higher algebra, higher geometry, mathematics teaching methods. Their first heads were the candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, docents M.A.Perevertun, A.I.Iglikov, T.G.Mustafin, Senior Lecturer N.T.Mochernyuk and candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent S.B. Baymurzin.

The academician of RAS S. S. Goncharov among group of mathematicians of KarSU 1988.

Chair "Mathematical analysis" was one of the major departments in the multifaceted educational system of the university. Before the formation of the university Chair "Mathematical analysis" was part of the physical and mathematical faculty of Karaganda pedagogical institute. While the Chair was headed Candidate of Physics and mathematical sciences, docent V.A.Nam. With the opening university in 1972 to become head of chair Candidate of Physics and mathematical sciences, docent of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute M.A. Perevertun was invited, who has worked in this capacity until 1978. Throughout the years, the Chair was headed, Prof. E.S. Smailov,, docent G.A. Akishev,, docent Zh.H. Zhantlesov,, Prof. L.K. Kusainova. Docents A.D. Tenchurin, M.N. Noserbekov, M.I. Ramazanov, T.H. Makazhanova, V.D. Ten, L.V. Khan, N.G. Abdrakhmanov,, Prof. N.A. Bokaev,, Professor E.D. Nursultanov,, T.W. Aubakirov, M.G. Esmagambetov, N.T.Tleuhanova, senior teachers L.K. Seifullina, S.A. Bimahimova, N.K. Esbaev, E.E. Berniyazov, A.D. Tulkubaev, K. Yaksubaev, F.F. Murasov, M.K. Userbekov, S.S. Zhekebaev worked.

Professor, . E.S. Smailov made great contribution to the development of the department, training young professionals and creating Karaganda scientific mathematical school of mathematical analysis. In 1983 on the chair postgraduate study, in 1999 - Master's degree programme, in 2001 - doctoral programme in specialty 01.01.01 mathematical analysis were open. During the period from the beginning of opening postgraduate study in different years under the guidance of professors E.S. Smailov, N.A. Bokaev, E.D. Nursultanov, docent G.A. Akishev more than twenty graduates of chair defended their dissertations.

In the period from 1996 to 2000 E.S. Smailov, N.A. Bocaev, E.D. Nursultanov, L.K. Kusainova defended their doctoral dissertations.

Opening in 2000, the Council K.14.50.03 for defense of candidate thesis on the specialty 01.01.01 mathematical analysis at Karaganda State University named E.A. Buketov was deserved recognition of Karaganda scientific mathematical school. Chairman of the Council was Professor E.S. Smailov, Deputy Chairman of the Board - Professor N.A. Bokaev. Three members of the department were part of the Dissertation Council: docent G.A. Akishev, docent Zh.H. Zhantlesov, docent S.T. Mahashev. This research school has been recognized not only in Kazaxstan, but also abroad.

At the time of opening the Chair "Differential and integral equations" 3 associate professors (while half of teachers with a degree in the Faculty) 2 senior teachers and two teacher-assistant worked.

Heads of Chair in different years were docent T.S. Smatov (now a professor at the University), docent Yu.I. Elefteriadi, docent T.E. Omarov, docent S.A. Abdymanapov (now Professor), docent M.I. Ramazanov (now, Prof.).,, Professor L.K. Kusainova, docent B.S. Koshkarova.

Active participants who made significant contributions to the development of chair were docents T.E.Omarov, V.V.Efimov, M.M.Muhtarov, M.A.Alibaev, H.ZH. Bayshagirov, K.S.Sagyndykova.

Since 1992 at the Chair postgraduate studies in specialty 01.01.02 - differential equations and mathematical physics was opened. In 1995, the magistracy is open. During the existence of the Chair 8 candidate theses, one doctoral thesis have been defended.

Chair of Higher Algebra has existed since 1967 on physical and mathematical faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. After T.G. Mustafin Chair was headed by docents V.D. Ten, T.A. Nurmagambetov, K.Zh. Zhetpisov. At present department head is d.f.-m.s., professor Eshkeev A. R. Great contribution to the development of the Chair professor K.S. Seksenbaev, docents M.I. Bekenov, A.A. Bayzhumanov, A.R. Eshkeeev, senior teachers E.K. Asen, V.P. Bobrowski, Z.A. Boyarskaya-Zhitnikova, teachers R.M. Ospanov, L.N. Belyaeva, E.K. Nurhaydarov have made​​.

Scientific School on model theory was created T.G. Mustafina first doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in the field of mathematics in Central Kazakhstan. The Chair maintains very close scientific relations with scientists of Lyon University (France) under the joint program PI.CS541, which resulted in the training of teachers of the Chair and the University of Lyon Kazakh-French colloquium which held alternately in France and Kazakhstan, including twice on the basis of the University named after E.A. Buketov.

Chair of Geometry has been opened in comprising five persons. docents G.A. Derfel (1979-1984 years) and T.H. Makazhanova (1984-1997 years) worked as head of the Chair. In different years, at the Chair docents A.T. Musin, Z.B. Berkaliev, A.A. Mukanov, V.Yu. Rovensky, senior teachers N.K. Medeubaev, P.F. Haletskaya and others worked.

Chair of technique of teaching of mathematics has existed at the Pedagogical Institute since 1952. B.E.Mirau headed it until 1972. After S.B. Baymurzina, who headed the chair until 1976, docents N.P. Kostrikina (1976-1992) and K.T. Bertiskanova (1992) were heads of the Chair. Important role in establishing chair senior teacher K.M. Mahmetov, docent S.B.Bukubaeva, docent A.A.Berdalieva, senior teachers E.Ya. Pyrkova, Zh.A. Muksynova, M. I. Tserr, M.G. Kuznetsova and others have signified.

Due to the necessity training specialists in the field of booming computational mathematics in 1976 the Chair of Computational Mathematics was created, founder and first head of which was, Professor N.A. Almuhanbetov. Later it was renamed into the Chair of Computational Mathematics and Computer Engineering Software (1996), Chair of Applied Computational Mathematics (1997), Chair of Applied of Mathematics and Informatics (2003). docents I. Ilyin, M.M. Muzdakbaev, M.M. Bukenov, A.A. Durmaganbetov, D.B. Alibiev, Professors K.T. Iskakov and H.Zh. Halmanov were heads in different years. docents A.M. Babaliev, D.U. Kemelov, H.M. Sagindykov, A.M. Omarov, Zh.Zh. Aytkozha, senior teachers A.V. Korneychuk, Y.A. Gaydakov, Yu.I. Pankin, S.A. Boranbayev, N.G. Kuchma contributed to the establishment of chair over the years.

In order to create chair carrying out the teaching of mathematics throughout the university, in 1991, Chair of Mathematics was established, which was renamed the Chair of Mathematics and modeling techniques in 1994. docent M.M. Muhtarov was its first head. Later Professors N.A. Bokaev, E.D. Nursultanov, docents T.U. Aubakirov and K.A. Bekmaganbetov headed it. Docents H.ZH. Bayshagirov, S.A. Dzhumabaev, M.A. Alibiev, Z.R. Suleymenova, D.S. Karimov, T.O. Omataev, A.K. Musanova, S.T. Mahashev, senior teachers A.D. Tulkubaev, E.A. Ivahnenko worked at the department in different years.

In 1997 at the Faculty of Mathematics specialty "Mechanic" opened, in connection with what Chair of Mechanics was formed. Prof. K.A. Tursunov was the first head of the chair. Professor Sh.K.Kapbasov, docent D.E. Dyusembaev, Senior teacher S.H. Fazylov worked at the department, docents A.K. Beysebaev, N.G. Abdrahmanov, Senior teachers B.M. Nurlanova, A.Yu. Kurohtin, A.E. Eleshova continue to work.

Formation and development of the faculty connected with the names of specialists who worked with the opening or later have come into the team. There are S.B. Baymurzin, K.M. Mahmetov, N.T. Mochernyuk, V.N. Nam, M.A. Perevertun, N.P. Kostrikina and others.

Throughout the years, deans were T.S. Smatov, M.A. Perevertun, T.G. Mustafin, Zh.Zh. Zhanabekov, E.S. Smailov, S.A. Abdymanapov, A.I. Iglikov, T.H. Makazhanova, N.A. Bokaev. T.G. Mustafin was pro-rector of the University named after E.A. Buketov on scientific work, S.A. Abdymanapov was pro-rector of the University named after E.A. Buketov for academic affairs, then pro-rector and rector of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev.

At present docent D.B. Alibiev heads the faculty.

Teaching staff of faculty conducts active scientific pedagogical and organizational work. Evidence of this is to carry out at the Faculty V All-Union Conference on numerical methods for solving problems in the theory of elasticity and plasticity (1977,) All-Kazakhstan Conference on Mathematics and Mechanics (1981), All-Union Conference on the use of computers in the study of mathematics in higher education (1991), Republican scientific Conference "modeling Methods and Information Systems" (2002), international student conference "Modern Problems of Natural Sciences" (2003).

Teachers of mathematical faculty at the conference on 06.12.2006

During the existence of the faculty at several scientific schools developed.

One of them, the above is a conference on orthogonal series in multiplicative systems, approximation theory and embedding of functional spaces based Prof. E.S.Smailov. According to the research of teachers of faculty a number of scientific journals was released, four conference "Theory of approximation and embedding function spaces" (1991, 1994, 1998, 2006 years) were conducted, the latter of which has become an international one. Doctoral dissertation to protection presented by docent G.A.Akishev.

In the country and abroad School on model theory is well known, founded by Prof. T.G.Mustafin. At different times the staff of department has defended master's theses: Nurmagambetov T. A., Bekenovy M. I., Kremer E. M., Zhetpisov K., Yeshkeev A. R. In 2010 has been protected by Eshkeev A. R. the thesis for a degree of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. And also two graduates of department of algebra (Nurkhaydarov E. - in the USA, Mustafin E. T. - France) have defended abroad dissertations on mathematics on receiving degree of PhD.

To the scientific directions established already at the Faculty new directions added. Several teachers of the chair of mathematical analysis and differential equations, headed by Prof. M.I.Ramazanov, develop the theme "Boundary value problems for differential loaded equations". As part of these studies agreement agreement on scientific cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics SB RAS (Novosibirsk) concluded.

Teachers of the faculty over the years defended 8 doctoral (T.G.Mustafin, N.A.Bokaev, E.S.Smailov, E.D.Nursultanov, L.K.Kusainova, K.T.Iskakov, M.I.Ramazanov, A. R.Yeshkeev ) and more than 30 candidate dissertations in mathematics, including its use in the economy.

High scientific level of teachers and their teaching skills allow to prepare the highly skilled scientific and pedagogical staff at the faculty. Over the years, approximately 4,000 students graduated from the Faculty. Graduates of the faculty defended 7 doctoral (N.A.Bokaev, S.T.Kariev, E.D.Nursultanov, K.T.Iskakov, M.S.Malibekova, D.A.Tusupov, S.D. Mukanova) and 55 candidate dissertations. Over the past years, 8 graduates received a PhD abroad (E.T.Mustafin, E.K.Nurhaydarov, D.H.Halmanova). A.Shakimov K. Toleuov, Akishev G., G. Bokusheva, 2 graduates received a PhD at the ENU named after LN Gumilev.

Graduates of faculty work in the ministries by leading programmers abroad and in banks, public and private companies, universities, institutes and schools.

Starting with single specialty in 1972, now the faculty conducts professional training on six bachelor specialties, 4 master specialties. Preparation of specialists conducts in four chairs of the faculty: Mathematical analysis and differential equations, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Algebra, geometry, mathematical logic and named after Professor T.G. Mustafin; technique of teaching mathematics and of Informatics.