About Our Faculty

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,

Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies

Kazimova Dinara Ashubasarovna

The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies

The training of competitive specialists in the field of mathematics, mechanics, computer science based on modern educational and information technologies for the realization of innovative professional practical activity in various spheres of public life of region.

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies was established in 1972 on the basis of the Mathematics Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the former Pedagogical Institute.

Faculty task is to ensure the demand of various sectors of the national economy for mathematicians, mechanicians and computer scientists: secondary school teachers, teachers of secondary and higher educational institutions, scientific staff in research institutes and employees computer centers, employees armed with sufficient theoretical and methodological training, possessing practical skills on commodity hardware, who are able to solve practical problems of applied character in physics, economics, etc.

Education for all specialties conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Admission for all specialties is carried out on dedicated state educational grants and on a fee-paying basis according to results of common national testing and complex testing.

Faculty maintains close contacts with research centers in France, Germany, USA, Russia, Sweden, Kabardino-Balkaria, Latvia and other countries.

The faculty has 70 teachers, including 4 doctors of sciences, 26 candidates. Since September 2009, at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Moon Eun Sil works, the teacher from South Korea, graduate of the Faculty Ā«Computer SeienceĀ» Anyang University.

The team of faculty leads a great scientific and methodological work aimed at providing a high quality of knowledge among students and Master students. Only in 2009, leading teachers published 2 monographs, one textbook, 7 training manuals and a large number of other educational and methodical literature.

Realizable at the faculty, as well as throughout the university credit system of education allowing students to shape their own learning trajectory (choice of Elective courses, lecturers), presupposes a large amount of independent work, which leads to the formation of a really competitive professionals. At the Faculty much attention paid to Research work. Teachers take part in the development of research themes funded Science Foundation, in collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Mathematics, MES RK (Almaty), Institute of Applied Mathematics MES RK (Karaganda), Kazakhstan multidisciplinary Institute for Development and Reconstruction (Karaganda). Teachers of the Chair of algebra, mathematical logic and geometry named after professor T.G. Mustafin for a long time develop a project PICS-541 together with scientists from the University of Lyon (France), there were five Kazakh-French colloquia within it (alternatively in France and Kazakhstan). Graduates of the Faculty Nurmagambetov T.A. Shakimov A.. Mustafin E., E. Nurhaydarov, Toleuov K. (USA), Akishev G. (New Zealand), Bokusheva G. (Switzerland), Halmanova D. (Netherlands) worked and passed Ph.D. defense abroad.

Since 2008 Professor of the Chair of mathematical analysis and differential equations M.I. Ramazanov is a member of the Dissertation Council D53.04.01 at the Mathematics Institute of the MES RK, Almaty, and in the 2008-2009 academic year, he was awarded a state scholarship for academic researchers and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology. In 2009, Professor. Ramazanov M.I. won a grant "The best teacher of the year."

Staff of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies has a rich sporting tradition: men's and women's teams constantly ranks first in the Spartakiad of at the University Rector Cup "Vivacity and health." Faculty members conduct active work with schoolchildren in the region participate in carrying out school Mathematical Olympiads and competitions of research projects. In April 2013, the Faculty conducted XVIII regional scientific-practical conference "Higher Mathematics and School", participants of which are students from 5-11 grades of Temirtau, Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, Balkhash and rural.

Extracurricular student work is saturated: they participate in a large number of artistic circles of folk art at the Palace of culture of students of the University, in various sports sections. We are proud that the first International Chess Grandmaster in our region Rustam Khusnutdinov graduated Faculty of Mathematics (2008).

All teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies seeks to undertake its mission, upbringing a new generation in the spirit of patriotism and love for Motherland.