Mathematical analysis and differential equations chair



The Chair "Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equations" was formed on August 28, 2006. As a result of the merger of two fundamental departments of the mathematical faculty: "Mathematical Analysis" and "Differential and Integral Equations."

The Department of Mathematical Analysis was one of the main departments in the multifaceted educational system of the University. Along with the basic courses of mathematical analysis, functional analysis and the theory of functions of the comprehensive and curricular complex at the mathematical and physical faculty of the day and correspondence departments, special courses and additional chapters of analysis are taught with study of applied questions.

Prior to the formation of the university, the Department of Mathematical Analysis was a member of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Karaganda Pedagogical Institute. At that time the chair was headed by Ph.D., associate professor VA Nam. With the opening of the university in 1972, the chair was invited to the chair of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, MA Perevertun, who worked in this position until 1978. In different years the department was headed by D.Sc. (Econ.) SmailovEsmukhanbetSaidahmetovich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor GA Akishev, Ph.D., Associate Professor ZhantlesovZhD.Kh., D.Sc., Professor Kusainova LK, the chair was working Ph.D. R.H. Tenchurin, Ph.D. M.N. Noserbayev, Ph.D. Ramazanov MI, Ph.D. Makazhanova TH, Ph.D.

Smaylov Y.S.

V.D. Ten, Ph.D. L.V. Khan, Ph.D. Abdrakhmanov NG, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Bokaev NA, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Nursultanov ED, Dr.Sc. Tleukhanova NT, Ph.D., Associate Professor Shvejdel AP, Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor A. Seksenbaeva, Ph.D. Aubakirov T., Ph.D., Associate Professor Esmagambetov MG, senior teachers Seifullin LK, Bimakhimova SA, Esbaev NK, Berniyazov EE, Tulkubayev AD, Eshkeev AR, Yaksubaev K., Murasov FF, SaduovaG.Zh., Userbekov MI, ZhebekaevS.Sh. Baisalova M., Glushchenko ON, Becker M.N. ..

In 1983, atthedepartmentheadedbyProfessorSmailov E.S. Openedpostgraduatestudy, in 1999 - magistracy, andin 2001 - doctorateinthespecialty 01.01.01-mathematical analysis.

In the period from 1996 to 2000 Smailov ES, Bokaev NA, Nursultanov ED, Kusainova LK defended their doctoral dissertations

In different years, more than twenty graduates of the department defended their candidate dissertations under the guidance of professors Smailov ES, Bokaev NA, Nursultanova ED, Kusainova LK, assistant professor GA Akishev.

The opening in 2000 of the council K.14.50.03 on the protection of Ph.D. theses on the specialty 01.01.01-mathematical analysis in the Karaganda State University named after Academician EA Buketov is a deserved recognition of the Karaganda mathematical school. The chairman of the Council was Professor E. Smailov, the vice-president of the Council was Professor N. Bokaev. Three members of the department were members of the Dissertation Council: Associate Professor Akishev GA, Associate Professor ZhantlesovZh.Kh., Associate Professor Makhashev S.T.

The department "Differential and Integral Equations" was opened immediately after the organization of the Karaganda State University named after EA Buketov in 1972. During the opening, 3 associate professors (at that time half of the faculty de-graded in the faculty), 2 senior lecturers and 2 teachers Assistant. The lecture courses on differential, integral equations, equations of mathematical physics, methods of mathematical modeling, methods of mathematical physics and special courses were read at the faculty of the department.

The first head of the department was associate professor Iglikov Abdrakhman Iglikovich. Heads of the department in different years were Ph.D., Associate Professor Smatov TS, Ph.D., Associate Professor ElefteriadiYu.I., Ph.D., Associate Professor Omarov TE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Abdymanapov SA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Ramazanov MI, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. , Professor Kusainova LK, Ph.D., Associate Professor Koshkarova BS, Ph.D., Associate Professor ZhanbusinovaB.Kh.

The active participants who made a significant contribution to the development of the department were professors Iglikov AI, Abdymanapov SA, associate professors Smatov TS, Omarov TE, Efimov VV, Ramazanov MI, Mukhtarov MM, Alibaev MA, BaishagirovKh.Zh., Sagyndykova K.S.

Since 1992, the department has opened a postgraduate course in the specialty 01.01.02 - differential equations and mathematical physics, since 1995 - magistracy. During the existence of the department, 8 candidate dissertations were defended, 2 doctoral dissertations, 1 doctoral thesis (PhD) in specialty 6D060100-Mathematics.

For the period from 2005 to the present, 5 candidate dissertations were defended (Koshkarova BS, Shayakhmetova BK, Orumbaeva NT, Esenbaeva GA, IskakovaG.Sh.), 2 doctoral dissertations (Ramazanov MI 2006, Akishev GA 2010) and 1 doctoral dissertation (PhD) (Kosmakova MT, 2016).

Docent Zhanbusinova B.Kh. was awarded with the Honorary Certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the contribution and successes achieved on the path of spiritual and social development of independent Kazakhstan.

At the present time at the Joint Department "Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equations" under the supervision of the head of the department, Ph.D. ZhanbussinovaB.Kh. A highly qualified team: 11 members of the department 9 have academic degrees and titles: 2 doctors of physical and mathematical sciences, 5 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, 1 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 1 Ph.D. in Mathematics. The teaching staff of the department actively engages in research activities, the publication of educational and methodological literature, participates in the educational work and public life of the faculty and university.

Members of the department