Prof.T.G.Mustafin algebra, mathematical logic and geometry




In 1997, due to the structural changes in the Department of “Algebra and Geometry” and “Topology”, have been combined into the Department of “Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Logic”. In 1995, the Department of "Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Logic" was named after Professor T.G.Mustafin. Prehistory on the department prior to the merger of two departments was as follows.

Department of Higher Algebra was opened in September 1967 on the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Karaganda pedagogical institute (KarPI). The first head of the Department was rector KarPI docent S.B.Baymurzin. From 1969 to 1971 the senior lecturer E.K.Asenov served as head of the Department before leaving for training in KazPI named after Abai. These years at the Department worked 5 people: docent S.B.Baymurzin, senior lecturer E.K.Asenov, senior lecturer Sh.T.Musina, teacher I.S.Isaev and assistant D.Zh.Koshkarova.

Rector Baymurzin S.B. was one of the main initiator of the university on the basis of the pedagogical institute.

Autumn of 1971, the issue was resolved on the opening of Karaganda state university on the basis of Karaganda pedagogical institute. On the basis of the Physico-Mathematical faculty KarPI opened two departments: Physics and Mathematics.

At the faculty of Mathematics was supposed the opening of the department "Algebra and Geometry." Before the opening of the Department, rector KarPI docent S.B.Baymurzin enlisted the support on the head of Department of Higher Algebra MSU named after М.В.Lomonosov Professor A.G.Kurosh and the rector, Professor A.Zakarin of Kazakh state university named after S.M. Kirov. They agreed to provide all possible assistance to the young department sending some of the leading scientists to give lectures. In addition they have hosted some of the young specialists for KarPI as intern sand graduate students.

In March 1972, at the Department of Higher Algebra KarPI was created Department of Higher Algebra of KarSU consisting of 5 persons.

From 1972 to 1973 academic year, the department was headed young assistant professor T.G.Mustafin.

Tolendy Garifovich Mustafin was an outstanding personality, a mathematician with a capital letter. From the first days of his work at the University he began his scientific work with students seeing them as future members of the scientific school of Karaganda. In the making of scientific work T.G.Mustafin grew himself. He always wanted being the forefront. He was the first candidate in the sciences of Physics and Mathematics at the department of “Algebra and Geometry” CSPI (Tzelinograd state pedagogical institution) named after S.Seifullin, the first head of Higher Algebra Karaganda state university of the name of academician E.A.Buketov and first doctor in the sciences of Physics and Mathematics of Central and Northern Kazakhstan. In 1990 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the specialized council meeting at the Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences on "Stable Theories."

In 1974, from the Department of Higher Algebra separated the Department of Computational Mathematics which became the first head of a young scientist docent N.A.Almukhanbetov.

In the process of the formation of department was the hardest work to prepare special courses in the disciplines of specialization. Mustafin developed curriculum specialization areas: Algebra, Model of Theory, Theory of Numbers. T.G.Mustafin passed all stages of the service and scientific growth-from assistant and research assistant do the professor, vice-rector of the University and director of the institute of Applied Mathematics.

Here are some dates from the life of prof. T.G.Mustafin.

In 1966 (August) Mustafin receives a personal invitation to attend the International Congress of Mathematicians in Moscow.

His report caused a great resonance among the participants of the congress.

In 1967 he entered the graduate.

In 1970 T.G.Mustafin gets first results of the models of a totally transcendental theories in terms of Boolean Algebra, Super Atomic, Lindenbaum-Tarski. It was his first work in the USSR and one of the first in the world after work Morley.

In 1971 (March) T.G.Mustafin defends his dissertation (Candidate of science in Physics and Mathematics), returns to working Tzelinograd.

In 1990 (July) performance to the time the plenary session at the World International Logic Seminar in Helsinki(Finland).

In 1990 held the first Sovetsko-French colloquium in the University, it was attended by mathematicians from France, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Russia.

In 1990 (October) defended his doctoral dissertation (Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics) in Novosibirsk.

In 1990 (November) speaks with the great presentation at a seminar on the Theory of Models in France (ParisVI-VII).

In 1991 (October-November) – post doctoral studies in Paris.

In 1992 (January) - II Franco-CIS Colloquium on model theory (Marseilles).

1992 (August) has been appointed the first vice-rector of the University. In a relatively short term in office as the vice-rector introduced a new impetus to the organization of the educational process with the use of computers. He belongs to the concept of university education, the rating form of control in students' knowledge.

In August 1993 he was appointed as a director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Under his leadership it is working laboratory "Theoretical and Applied Logic" which was later renamed to the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic and Informatics.

In June1994 participated in the III Kazakh-French colloquium on the Model of Theory in Almaty.

In August 1994 he is speaking at the World Congress on Mathematics in Zurich (Switzerland). As recognition of high-level scientific papers T.G.Mustafin was awarded the personal D.Soros grant and a grant of the European Community.

T.G.Mustafin has about 100 scientific publications: monographs, articles and other publications devoted to solving the big problems in the Model of Theory and Mathematical Logic.

Since 1981, after postgraduate from the Moscow State University defense of a dissertation at the department of "Algebra" worked docent Ten Vladimir Dyan-chunovich who led the algebraic direction. Number-theoretic direction began to oversee senior teachers E.K.Asenov and V.P.Bobrovsky.

In 1971 V.P.Bobrovsky finished postgraduate. His scientific direction was Analytic Number Theory (Estimation of Arithmetic and Trigonometric Sums). Research results repeatedly reported at conferences of different levels.

E.K.Asenov finished postgraduate in 1975. The main direction of research is a distribution Abelian fields specific type.

T.G.Mustafin is actively involved with the students from his first days at Karaganda state university. This list was consists from the future young scientists: A.Vikentyev (c.s.p.-m. works in Novosibirsk), Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, assistant professor T.Nurmagambetov received degree of PhD in the USA (he works in the U.S., Atlanta), N.Bokayev (prof. ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov), A.Yeshkeyev (prof., head of department), K.Zhetpisov (c.s.p.-m., docent KarSU), E.Nurkhaidarov (prof. University of Pennsylvania, USA) and young teachers of the department: Z.A.Boyarskaya-Zhitnikova, M.I.Bekenov.

Z.A.Boyarskaya-Zhitnikova (who were trained in the Soviet Union under the leadership IMSOAN AN.Kaz.SSR academician, A.D.Taymanov doctor as well as the graduate-led prof.KazGUM.A.Taytslin), M.I.Bekenov (from 1975 to 1980 and was trained at graduate IMSOAN under the leadership of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR A.D.Taymanov, defended his thesis at NSU).

Since 1985 M.I.Bekenov teached at KarPI, he was head of the Department Algebra and Geometry and the dean of the faculty of “Physics and Mathematics”. After the merger KarPI with KarSU he was a docent at the Department of “Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Logic”. He participated in many conferences, two international French-Kazakh colloquia. He performed research work on INTAS. He has about 30 scientific papers. Research areas: full language theory first order and structure of algebraic systems.

A.R. Yeshkeyev was a postgraduate student, led by professor T. G. Mustafin. He defended his Ph.D. thesis (candidate of science in physics and mathematics) in 1995. In 1994-1996 he took part under the international program INTAS. He was a participant of six international colloquia on Model of Theory, as well as many international conferences on Algebra and Mathematical Logic and Mathematics in general and its applications in different countries: USA, France, England, Sweden, Finlandia, Austria, Poland, China, Malaysia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Arab Emirates. In 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis (doctor of science in physics and mathematics) "Structure of Perfect Positive Johnson Theories." In 2006-2012 received grants for research purposes on the state budget topics. In 2016 he was entitled the best teacher of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION Currently A.R.Yeshkeyev works as a professor and the head of a chair. He has published 3 monographs, 2 manuals. More than 200 scientific and methodical works are published.

In spring 1972 was opened the Department of Higher Geometry consisting of five members: N.T.Mochernyuk, S.G.Kuramshina, A.T.Musin, G.A.Derfelya, N.A.Orekhova. In 1974 it was invited to the department P.F.Haletskaya who graduated from Minsk state pedagogical institute. Order of the rector E.A.Buketov acting Head of Department was appointed senior lecturer N.T.Mochernyuk led the department until 1979.

N.T. Mochernyuk worked at the department of 23 years (and all time in the wall of the university - 34 years) together with a senior instructor P.F.Haletskaya. They were well-known in the Soviet Union in the scientific field of differential geometry headed by prof. V.S. Malakhovsky. For a long time she worked at the department of senior lecturer K.A.Iskakova, an author of many scientific and methodical works published in Kazakh and Russian languages.

In 1976 after graduation Tbilisi state university with the defense of the thesis on the department back G.A.Derfel and his subject on the department had specialized courses supplemented differential geometric methods in differential equations, algebraic topology. In 1979 G.A.Derfel was appointed to the department "Higher Geometry". Since 1986 he was in the SNA at MSU. In 1990 he moved to Israel.

In Tomsk state university graduate trained A.T.Musin who did in 1990 at the Kazan state university his thesis for the degree of candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He developed the misrelated to differential geometry of a flag spaces.

From 1984-1997 the Head of the Department of "Higher Geometry" was the candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics docent T.H.Makazhanova graduated from Novosibirsk state university specialized in the laboratory of academician L.V.Kantorovich under the guidance prof. A.M.Rubinov. She developed her directions: Topological Methods for Studying Problems of Modern Analysis, Sequence Structure. Данный момент она является к.ф.-м.н, доц. кафедры «Алгебры, мат.логики и геометрии им. Т.Г. Мустафина».

Since 1988, A.A.Mukanov began working at the department on a graduate of KarSU specializing in the Department of "Higher Geometry" under the guidance T.H.Makazhanova defended by prof. A.M.Rubinov his dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences in Physics and Mathematics at the Council of the Leningrad state university. He has been researching the economic models.

1990 was the first Soviet-French Colloquium on model theory in Karaganda (USSR).

(B.Poizat, A.R.Yeshkeyev)

(A.R.Yeshkeyev, K.Laskovski, A.Baudish, B. Poizat, S.Bikler, M.Brestovski, M.Dikman, B.Bayzhanov)

Fifth Kazakh-French colloquium on model theory in Karaganda, Karkaraly (Kazakhstan), 2000

Opening Colloquium (B.Poizat, prof. Zh.S.Akylbaev, Yu.N.Antipov, prof. PalyutinEA)

The Colloquium

In September 2012 on the basis of Karaganda state university named after acad.E.A.Buketov, Institute of Applied Mathematics MES RK(Karaganda), Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology conducted the International Scientific Conference "The Model of Theory and Algebra", in memory and the 70th anniversary of the famous Soviet and Kazakh mathematics doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor Tulendy Garifovich Mustafin.

On 7th Decemder 2017 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of Algebra, mat. logic and geometry named after prof. T.Mustafina Yeshkeev Aybat Rafhatovich was awarded with a badge "For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

On 2nd March 2016 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of Algebra, Mathematical Logic and Geometry. T.G. Mustafina Yeshkeev Aibat Rafhatovich was awarded a letter of gratitude from the British Council at the British Embassy for help in organizing and holding the conference «Approaches to Teaching Content trough English: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)».